Thursday, August 6, 2009

Here We Go!

Well, I'm going to say it outloud. Just going to put it out there so I can be held accountable:
It's time to lose weight.
Julie at 47 and Starting Over is doing it. (and very well might I add)
She is doing quite an inspiring job.

I've gone from a point where I could claim curviness to a point where there is no denying - I'm a fatty. It is what it is. I won't be doing anything special or magical, just eat less and exercise more (more means any whatsoever since at this point I don't do a whole lot that could be considered exercise).
I'm quitting soda again as of today. I did that for three full months a while back and it didn't help me lose weight. This time I'm doing it because it's simply bad for me. I'm going to TRY and remember to take a vitamin every day. I seem to have some mental block that causes me to avoid vitamins. Maybe I'll strap a bottle to my shirt - Kindergarten note-to-your-mom style (I am sure this is where the phrase "word to yo mama" originated).
For now, that's the plan - No soda, daily vitamin, eat smaller portions of food and get moving. Once I've recovered from these changes, I'll make a few more. I figure it's a good idea not to freak myself out over it.

Tonight we're off to the Ozark Empire Fair (okay, the no soda thing will have to start tomorrow - they have A&W on tap at the fair. Just keepin' it real) to see Montgomery Gentry in concert (thanks for the tix Disc Jockey friend). I'm not a huge fan of new country but hubby is all kinds of excited about it and I bet it'll be a good concert. They look like they'd put on a fun show. Plus we're going up early to "walk around the fair." For me that means people watching. Let's face it, there are no more interesting people in the world than the ones at the local Fair. For hubby that means walking through the livestock barns and then going to see the giant vegetables while saying stuff like, "That ain't nothin'. One year Bubba Joe threw out a watermelon rind in his back yard and then his septic tank backed up in the same spot. Hell, I guess them seeds took hold in all that natural fertilizer 'cause Bubba had watermelons twice the size of that one there."

I'll let you know how it goes.


  1. Well thanks for the shout out!

    You can do this. The key is to eat less and move more. I am doing Weight Watchers right now, just because it works best for me. My son has lost 60 lbs using an app on his iPhone to track his calories. There are several places online you can find that do the same thing. The Daily Plate is one of them. It's free, and it will tell you how many calories you should be eating based on what you want to lose etc.

    Being accountable for what you eat is key. At first tracking everything you put into your mouth is a pain but when you see how easy it is to eat twice as much as you should, it makes you want to do it!

    I don't take a vitamin because I don't think it's necessary. If you are eating right, you will get all the vitamins you need from the plant foods you are eating. I have upped my fresh vegetable and fruit consumption and frankly if I were taking a vitamin as well, I'd be at risk for tipping my vitamin balance the other direction, into toxicity. People should never take vitamins just because they think they should. Unless you have a diagnosed vitamin deficiency, you can get all you need from what you eat!

    Good luck, and if you wanna be accountable to me, feel free! I'm a great cheerleader...and ass kicker. :)

  2. Well you're welcome for the shout-out!

    Thanks to you for all the advice. I definitely need to be accountable to someone, lol.
    I have this really great recumbant exercise bike at home to use. I'll start out with that and kill two birds with one stone - losing weight and getting my husband to shut up that I never use the bike I promised I would use, lmao!

  3. I so need to do this too,I'm heading to The Daily plate to check it out.You two inspire me.

  4. I am wishing you tons of luck! (No pun intended!)

  5. Weightloss-It's not brain surgery, is it? All it takes is self control. Wish I had some.