Monday, March 30, 2009

a Fine Start

How do you people do it? I see blogs, cute cute blogs - all personalized and what-not. I had every intention of doing the same, but gave up. I know not of this HTML which you speak! At some point, when I'm not completely down-trodden by this experience, I shall regroup and try again...after much research.


  1. esweekender!!!! YAY we found each other...

    on my blog if you scroll to the bottom look for labels then look for tutorials-I have a few tips N tricks listed...also cutestblogontheblock is a GREAT place to find some uber cute backgrounds that do not require knowledge of html-it is a code that you add a gadget with easy I gonna be your first follower? YAY me!

  2. okay it's official I am your know what they NEVER forget your first

  3. I am so glad it's you Georgie! AND, as you can obviously see... your background advice was spot-on!!! I LOVE IT!!

  4. Love the background! You did good!