Friday, August 14, 2009

Bits and Bobs

Thank goodness today is

Seriously, my brain is refusing to boot up today. I've been awake for well over three hours and just can't quite get it going!

You have until Noon today to get entered in my giveaway (see Wendesday's post for details - it's easy as pie AND the winner is going to get some great products)!

I went to do my first weekly weigh-in today and....drum roll... the battrees were dead in my digiscale!! They're weird round battrees, too. So who knows how I've done weight wise? I do know that I'm almost completely off of soda again. yesterday a mere 10 oz, today I imagine I can drop it all together without headache worries. YAY!

Pea Pie will NOT let me hug him goodbye when I drop him off for high school. What the bloody hell? My husband seems to think this behavior is ACCEPTABLE! hmmmff! Boys!

Back to Eureka Springs for me this weekend and hubby is going along. I'm so excited about that! Although, the reason he's going is beyond hysterical. Mind you, he is not generally a jealous man, but this week I said to him, "You need to decide if you're going with my by Wednesday evening." His eyes got really big and he said, "WHY!? You don't have a boyfriend down there do you?!" I could not help but laugh. He uses up every last but of my patience - how could I possibly have time for a boyfriend? I explained (through tears of laughter) that I did not have a boyfriend, I just wanted to know because a couple of my friends were thinking of joining me. He went from "I don't know...." to "Yes, I would love to go with you" in about a 10 second span. However you look at it, I win!! I get to have my snuggle buggle with me for the weekend. Yes, I do call him stupid sickeningly sweet things like snuggle buggle.

Speaking of hubby, here's a little tidbit for you - every morning he eats S'mores flavored Pop Tarts and every morning he ends up with a glob of icing on the left side corner of his mouth. I can understand that. What I can't understand is his lack of concern over it. Again, hmmmf! Boys!

Yesterday I realized that my ex-husband's soon to be ex wife had her Facebook set so that anyone could read it. So, I did. And looked at all the pictures. It did not convince me that she is less crazy than I thought. Unfortunately, it just confirmed what I thought. pssssssssssssycho. Although, seriously, what does it say about me that I even looked? shudder...

I realized this week that, when writing about my cattle dog, I've been writing that he's a red healer... Sounds like he's a communist doctor. I MEAN red heeler. heeler. heeeeeeeler. Although, if he doesn't stop getting after our bottle calves I'll be calling him by an indian name: Walks-with-foot-in-butt.

Okay, that's all I've got and even that was a stretch this morning. dull brain! dull brain!

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  1. MY son will not let me kiss him goodbye on the school ground either! I have to remember to ask for that hug and kiss well before turning the car into the parking lot!! I'm feeling you on this one!!

  2. My youngest son also wanted no affection in public. He used to tell me"if you have to hug me do it before we leave home". Really lifts your spirits,huh? I know what you mean about "dull brain",this morning I'm just empty. Hope you have a great weekend!

  3. oh man my son is the same sucks...
    LOL@the pop tarts-my hubby eats the same flavor...and i am soooooooooooo envious of your trip to ES!!!!

  4. I am so lucky, I really am. My oldest boy, who will be a sophomore in 10 days, still hollers, "I love you!" when I drop him off at school. Sigh...

    Have to laugh about the ex-wife of the ex thing. Because I recently signed up on the dreaded facebook JUST SO I could find some of my ex's exes. Tee hee, we are a sick people.

  5. I'm really giggling about the red healer thing *L*

  6. There are red heelers? How funny. I never knew that. We have a blue heeler/pointer mix.

    Boys are funny, huh? I enjoyed the stories about your hubs and son. Great FF post.

    Happy FF! Mine is up too. :o)

  7. LOL no batteries and no hugs you poor poor person I used to hug my girls in front of their friends just to make them mad but they really weren't

  8. I cannot stop laughing at the red healer thing! And I love that you could spy on your ex's wife! Don't you love it when you're proven right?!

  9. PeaPie is in HIGH SCHOOL?! I think he needs a name more fitting for a young man. How about CowPie? or ManPie? BMOC? I'll keep thinking.
    Love that dog name idea!!

    Hope you're enjoying your weekend!

  10. What person has time for a boyfriend in addition to a husband, kids, job, life...etc.? He must think you are Wonder Woman. :-)

    I think it is wonderful that you read your ex's wife's FB. Being right is a lovely thing...