Monday, August 24, 2009

Pranks Gone Wrong and etc...

We live in Aurora, MO. Marionville, MO is the town next to ours. My son goes to Aurora High School. I attended Marionville. Okay, background out of the way, I'll go on with the story now:
This weekend, the Aurora police department was called to the Aurora High School because there was a dead deer lying in front of the entrance to the school. Upon investigating, the police found that the deer was wearing a Marionville Comets hat... I wonder if the turds who did this even remotely thought about the possibility that there were surveylance cameras all over the school??? Time will tell.

It's Monday, and I'm sure you are by now used to the fact that I am just not "with it" enough for a coherent post on this first day of the week, so I'm going to leave you with pictures from our trailride this weekend and wishes for a wonderful week!

View from one of the high trails:

Me and my kids. Hubby was riding one of mine yesterday, so I had them both there. Louie on the left and Rain on the right (doesn't she look happy!? not)

There is an old cemetary in this particular park. They don't keep it up anymore, unfortunately.

When we got home, Pea Pie decided he wanted to learn to do some roping. He did a pretty impressive job for his first day - ended up helping hubby out by roping a calf that needed a shot. Then he learned to give the calf a shot. He also learned we do not wield a syringe as if it's a sword...


  1. Ah...the forethought of high schoolers. Should be interesting when the video comes out. :-)

  2. High School rivalries do get rough sometimes. Sounds like Pea Pie is getting the hang of roping,I'm sure it will be the same with shots. Did you get to go to the Broiler Fest? Hoping you have a good week too.

  3. Okay, at first I read that he ropped a calf that needed to be shot, and I got sad. It's Tuesday, so what do I blame my brain troubles on?!

  4. Tians.sis, we didn't go to the Broiler Fest, but we did enjoy some good chicken from there for lunch last Friday. Yummay!!

    CF: No shooting the beebies!! Thanks for the laugh!

    brainella: I'll try and remember to keep you posted. Wonder if they had enough IQ between them to wear masks and cover truck tags??? Time will tell. I can only sincerely hope that they found this deer on the side of the road and didn't poach it just for this reason (I'm starting to hear banjo music). As my younger step daughter said, "None of the boys around here would waste good deer meat, they had to have found it already dead." I'm thinking she has a point.

  5. Go Comets, GO! Woot!

    Why didn't we think of this kind of crap when we were kids? Oh wait, we were dating Aurora boys... lol!

    Fro Baby