Thursday, August 20, 2009

Blogging Post

I know! Blogging about blogging. Who'da thunk it!? Yesterday I was catching up on your blogs and one of them got my attention. It's one of many I've read on the subject of blogging "rules" and one of many that have just rubbed me the wrong way.

Anyway, it got me thinking about how and why I blog. This is the third blog I've had because I am a perfectionist and after getting unhappy with the first two either because I didn't blog regularly or I just didn't like what I was saying, I started another. With this one, I finally buckled down and decided every post cannot be a wonderfully witty masterpiece and that it is more important to meet my goal of writing on a daily basis than to try and be perfect. I've been pretty darn good about doing just that, every Monday through Friday, since I started Abstract Arboretum. That's a goal that I have maintainted for a few months now and I'm happy about that.

But it seems that a lot of people blog because they want to be recognized or invited to Blogher or to get some sort of fame out of it. And that's fine, truly. But, it also seems like a lot of the bloggers who blog for those reasons think the rest of us should too and that if we don't, we are just wasting perfectly good space on the internet. Incase any of you were wondering, that is not why I'm here. What am I trying to say here? I better figure it out before this thing gets insanely long. To boil it down:

1. I do like gaining followers because it could mean that I'm doing something right and people are enjoying what I have to say. But gaining a follower could also mean that the person who is following does so in order to gain another follower themselves. "I'll follow you if you'll follow me" kind of a thing. I'm not really "down" with that scenario.

2. I blog because I have a writing goal and in order to become any sort of a good writer, you have to write. I know, it's shocking.

3. I do not care about blogher or about monetizing or about getting a thousand followers who are only following because they want me to return the favor. I am not here to social network by any stretch of the imagination and I would much prefer to have 5 followers who genuinely enjoy my blog than to have 500 who are just trying to gain popularity themselves. This isn't Mary Kay or Tupperware for me. It's just my blog.

4. Social networking IS a wonderful tool for many reasons. I use it for business, but I choose not to use it for my blog. Double standard? NO. Why? Because I am not judging you for the reason that you want to blog. I'm defending my right to blog without being judged by you.

4. I DO follow blogs that I sincerely enjoy. I don't follow very many because I have limited time to read them and it really pisses me off when people leave comments that make it clear that they are not really reading your blog. I would rather follow 20 of you and be able to follow you the right way than to follow 100 of you half-assed. Sometimes I'll get a comment that just makes it so blatantly obvious that a person has glanced over a post and then thrown out a quick comment. Whatever.
If you like my blog and leave comments that are sincere or that acknowledge you have ACTUALLY read that post, then thank you so very much! I do enjoy the vast majority of the comments that I receive.

5. I don't care why you blog - to each his own and more power to you! I'm not here to judge. If you are blogging in order to social network or to gain some sort of popularity or be recognized, I certainly don't blame you for it. However, I have read many posts now where these very bloggers carry on about how if you're going to blog then you ought to be doing a, b and c or you're not really a blogger. Well, to hell with that. Blog for whatever reason you want to for as long as it makes you happy, but please don't judge when others refuse to follow your little formula.

Thus concludes this installment of GERT ON A SOAPBOX. I hope you all have a wonderful day!


  1. LOVED this post...I know lots of peeps dont read my whole post so I give them my confession of the day to make it easy on them...

    I don't follow everyone that follows me either...heck it says i have over 300 followers but I dont get that many comments...maybe it's time i do a blog

    Congrats to brainella for winning all the smelly good stuff...I'm in a hurry so i am combining this comment

    also google analytics(google it LOL) is fun to add as a widget to your would be surprised what peeps search for and BAM your blog pops up...

    now you have me curious whose blog you read yesterday

  2. Georgie, In reference to the person whose blog I read yesterday - I DO like them and I do like their blog - it just got me thinking...
    Thanks for the info on google analytics - I will give it a shot (you of all people know how blog illiterate I am!).

  3. Thank you so much for saying what I have often thought. You know I just ramble about whatever is on my mind and will never be a blog of note but I enjoy blogging so I do it for me. Ever once in a while I get to meet someone special,like you,that is my reward.

  4. Tians.sis - I love your blog for that very reason! It's beautiful, personal, and welcoming!

  5. Hello, I read this post thoroughly and agree with all you say...for me people get too caught up in the ego of blogging...posting just because they think should....for most of us it should be for fun and just a nice little electronic journal...I have only five followers and I am proud of them all...Sheryl

  6. I agree with you 100%. No one had to be invited to BlogHer, though. I only signed up because I wanted to meet IRL people I'd been talking with for years. I'm not into that monetizing thing, either (I did not attend any of the BlogHer sessions on that.) If I do a review, it's because I genuinely love something and like to share it (kind of like what you did with the Flylady thing. To me, blogging has been about writing (which I love) and relationships. It has enriched my life, and for that, I'm grateful. :)

  7. Sheryl - thanks for visiting and chiming in! And everyone else, glad to see that I seem to be following folks who are like-minded!
    Mrs. 4444, thanks for the info on BlogHer, I stand corrected there and certainly understand wanting to go in order to meet people IRL.