Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Bottle Calves

We have started buying bottle calves. That's fine. I mentioned before that we are getting ready to build a house and these little boogers are the money behind it. I really really like the idea of building a house. I really really like eating beef. I do NOT like being personally responsible for hauling the little cuties off to sale, knowing that they are going to be killed and eaten after I've logged a jazillion hours petting and feeding them. I ABSOLUTELY refuse to eat one of our own. Sorry, but once it's looked me in the face, I'm not putting it in my mouth. I've gone so far as to threaten vegetarianism upon our household when my husband insisted we butcher one (scared the crap out of everyone else-they can't cook).
Mind you, I would get up at 4am if I needed to in order to get my house built, but the more calves we buy, the earlier we have to wake up and I'm TIRED. Possibly a little grumpy, but we won't talk about that.
This morning, we overslept so the whole fam damily had to run around like chickens with our heads cut off trying to feed horses, calves, dogs, the bird, and the rabbit. Hubby had to change clothes before we left because one of the brand new babies "SHIT ALL OVER MY PANTS" as he put it. (snicker.snort.gufaw!)
Anywho, after all of this running around, trying to get ready, making sure everything was fed, we got to school to drop Pea-Pie off and, at the same time, we all realized WE did not eat breakfast. Nor was there time for my poor boy to eat at school by that point. Maybe, just maybe, I'll end up dropping some weight in this deal. It would be nice if sleep wasn't the only thing I lost!

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