Friday, May 22, 2009

The Official Child Mortification Process

This morning I got to drive my husband's mid-life crisis to work. It's not what you might think, either. Most men (at least as television depicts it) hit their midlife crisis and want a sports car or something super cool like that. Not my hubby. A couple of months ago he decided he wanted to sell his truck. This was a nice truck. And, honestly, we needed it for pulling the horse trailer. That didn't stop him from selling it, though... and buying another truck and selling it two weeks later and buying another truck and trading it off the next day for yet another and selling that one and piddle-farting around (translated: riding everywhere with me) until he found THE truck. He called me, excited. He'd found the coolest little truck... So he bought it.
It is 19 - NINETEEN - years older than the one he originally sold. He drove it home and didn't quite make it because the motor blew up. He had a rebuilt motor put in it, but it is still ugly, it is noisy, it is crappy and so-help-me it has a sticker of Wylie Coyote in the back window (he's holding a sheep and flipping someone off - presumably taunting me). So, I figured it's fine. He's going through a phase. We can pull the trailer with my Explorer for now and it's not like I have to ride in the noisy little thing. Wrong.
Last night he announced that he would be needing to trade vehicles with me today because he has to get shoes put on one of the horses. I was mortified (although quietly) until I noticed that Pea-Pie was twice as embarrassed about it as I was. Of course I lectured him about how we were lucky to have any kind of vehicle in this economy and that as long as it gets you from point A to point B, that's all that matters... He conceded defeat and climbed in. When we got to school, I noticed he was in a huge hurry to jump out and get away so I insisted on a long hug. Then.... just as he was almost to the school entrance, I revved the motor and honked twice...eeep eeeeeep.
New Old truck $500
Repairs $1,100 (so far)
Febreeze to get the smell out of it $4
Being able to terrorize my child with it....PRICELESS!

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