Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Red-Neck Roulette

I stopped at Sonic this morning (America's Favorite Drive-In..Thru?). I ordered a burger and an unsweet tea as per usual. While waiting on my food I decided to play one of my favorite games: CD Roulette! See, whether we're talking cds or dvds, I am famous around my house for one thing: Taking the cd/dvd that is in the player out and sticking it in the case of the cd/dvd I am about to put in. After a while, it's anyone's guess where the cd/dvd they are looking for is actually housed. ha! They (those other people who live in the house with me) say this habit of mine annoys them. I say pshaw! I'm convinced that one day, when I'm gone, my son will tell his grandchildren about how their crazy old great-grandmommy would do this. And they will say, "But Granddaddy Pea-Pie, what's a cd/dvd?"
ANYWAY, I pulled out my Third Eye Blind cd case (the greatest hits one) and GUESS WHAT WAS INSIDE?! Jason Mraz. But not JUST Jason Mraz (and here comes the most shocking part) - THIRD EYE BLIND - The one that actually belonged in the case! I jammed that disc with the volume ALMOST HALF WAY UP all the way to work!! Seriously, at my age and with my superior Ford sound system, that's really saying something! (I don't know if it is really superior, but I work for Ford so I say it's superior dammit). Good thing my husband was off work today. I mean, I love my husband and I love working and living with him, but you can't take a 40-odd year old redneck and blast Third Eye Blind with him in the car. He knows not of sipping gold, rose skies through his nose! He wouldn't try to talk someone off a ledge and he's certainly no Crystal Baller. So, twice a week, when we don't work together, my stereo gets the cob webs blown out of it and my ears get a good thumping. Tomorrow it's back to Charlie Daniels and the saga of Wooly Swamp. (don't ever go down there at night).

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