Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Impossible Mom-In-Law in the making.

Well, here we are again. Cinco DeMayo. Many of you don't know that Cinco DeMayo actually translates into "Pea Pie's Birthday." The boy was born on the 5th day of the week, the 5th month, the 5th day of the month AND the 95th year of the century. Methinks 5 is his number.
This is his last birthday before he starts high school. I'm completely emotionally scarred on the one hand and completely excited to watch him grow on the other.

Here's what nearly gave me a heart attack, though. Last night we were driving down the road and he was telling me how hubby had let him drive all the way from our house to pick me up at art class (all county and country roads - I take class at my teacher's house). and THEN:

Sidenote: in Missouri (maybe everywhere, I don't know) you can get your drivers permit when you turn 15, but you HAVE to have it for at least 6 months before you can get your license... On with the story:

Pea Pie: My girlfriend finally got her drivers permit.
Me: Oh that's good...Wait, is she 15? (Looking at hubby like a deer in the headlights and noticing that he's looking pretty pleased with boy).
Pea Pie: Yeah, she's 15. This is the 3rd time she's taken the test.
Me: Wow, how often do they...Wait..How old IS she!?
Pea Pie: She'll be 16 in November.
Me: !!!!!!!!!!

Forgive me if I'm completely incoherent today, but I canNOT wrap my head around this one. Part of me is trying to be calm, the other part is screaming "She'll spoil him faster than mayonaise left out on a summer day!!!!"


  1. She is in his grade! And he swears she never flunked. Which I doubt she did. I know she used to be home schooled, so I imagine that has something to do with it... She really is a sweet girl but no matter how many times I say that, it does not make me feel better!