Friday, May 29, 2009

Bits and Boobs... er, I mean Bobs

I would do Friday Fragments, but even with help from Mrs. 4444, I don't "get it." It's not her fault, either. I'm sure she explained it in the best possible way, it's just my adult ADD (self-diagnosed in an effort to keep from admitting I'm a squirrel).

I can't wait for the work day to be over. I have been without my Pea-Pie for a week now (he's at his dad's) and am picking him up tonight. Our custody arrangement has him at his dad's 3 weekends a month during school since his dad is out of district and every other week during the summer. I'm glad he gets to spend more time with his other parent than most kids in this situation, but MAN I miss him when he's gone.
And I've been informed that his dad is getting another divorce. Poor fellow. This time it's his idea, though, unlike the first 2. And I don't blame him. I swear, that woman he is married to is one psychotic heifer. I'm not saying that as an ex, either. I mean, by any standard, that woman needs to be committed.

Tomorrow, very early, Pea-Pie and I are headed back to Eureka Springs, Ar. It's Blues Fest weekend and he's begged to go down there during Blues Fest for years now. He loves music and that's fine, but I've been putting it off because for some reason women seem to have a hard time keeping their boobs in their shirts during this particular festival. I wonder, does being a biker make you want to show your boobs or do women who like to show their boobs automatically become bikers? Just a thought. I owned my own motorcyle for a couple of years - never did show my boobs to a stranger over it. I'm just sayin'. So, now that he's 14, I compromised. We are going down early, volunteering for the Blues Fest folks until Noon, visiting my friends at the candle shop and then heading home early. With any luck, it'll be a boob free day.

Saturday afternoon I'm picking up my little sisters, Meg and Leon, doing 4 haircuts and cooking supper. Sissies are staying all night.
Sunday, we're going horseback riding.

I vow that this is the last weekend for at least a few weeks that I will stretch myself so thin. I'm TIRED and my garden needs to be weeded. There are more weeds than veggies and fruits! I'm not even joking. I'm worn out.

And on that note, I'm going to wish all of you a great weekend!! See you Monday!


  1. No wonder your 14 yr. old is begging to go. Sure he likes the music, but any boy that age would go to Gospel Fest if it had that same draw.

  2. Great post! I'm here getting caught up on my blog reading...finally. Happy Sunday!

  3. Sounds like you had a terrific weekend lined up. How did it go?

    As for FF, you just write it, and I will hook you up, okay? :)