Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Poor Sis

Yesterday, my phone rang and I ignored it because I was busy. Stupid thing to do, but it was my mom and she calls like 8 times a day to chit-chat. About 5 minutes later, I listened to the message she left and heard her telling me that my little sister had a seizure at school and they were on their way to the hospital in an ambulance. Well, I felt like an ASS for not answering the phone, but jumped in my vehicle and headed up to meet them.
It was pretty bad. She fell out of her chair and face-planted right in the floor - bruised her forehad and chin and her poor little nose was swollen. She bit her tongue, too, when she hit and hurt it pretty bad. According to her teacher, it lasted about five minutes. An alarming amount of time. She wet herself. Not the ideal thing for an 8th grader, but the principle assured Meg that noone was going to make fun of her - the other children are very worried.
I don't have any experience with anyone having seizures, so let me tell you, I am VERY frustrated with the fact that noone can tell us anything. The hospital took blood tests and ran a cat scan and said they couldn't find any reason for the seizure. It may happen again but may not. How's that for vague?
So, anyone have any experience in this area? I'm doing research but I usually find a lot more comfort in personal experiences than I do in textbook reading.


  1. This happened to an 8th grade girl at our school a few weeks ago, too. No reason anyone knows about. How's your sister been since? Did they put her on Depakote or something that controls seizures?

  2. She has been fine since. Nothing at all out of the ordinary. They didn't put her on any medication because they ran several tests and couldn't find any reason behind this seizure. They listed stress as one of the things that could cause it and that would be my guess. We are just keeping a close eye out and hoping for the best. Thank you for asking.