Friday, July 31, 2009

Bits and Bobs

As you all are probably aware: It's FRIDAY! Which generally means that my attention span is far too short to carry on a long post. So, today you get Bits And Bobs of my week, my thoughts, my neurosis:

My dad and step-mom are out of town this week and I am supposed to be gathering eggs and veggies and distributing them. One day in and I already forgot. Hope those chickens don't get all freaked out and stop laying. Or go all gangwars on me when I walk in the coop tonight!

I can't seem to write a post it note right side up, so there are upside down notes sticking all over the bottom of my computer screen.

We are convinced that Talky Pete is now doing drug deals on the parking lot with T-Dub's unemployed brother-in-law. I am thinking of telling him the boss has ordered a pee test just to see how bad he freaks out. Then when he gets over the shock, I'm thinking of actually suggesting to the boss that he order a pee test. heh heh heh. Hey, I have a small dark side and it must come out and play occasionally. Besides, the guy's a douche.

I almost called in sick this morning and I'm not even sick. That is just SO not me. I was telling this to hubby on the way to work and he laughed at me. LAUGHED AT ME! He said, "Gert, you may have fantasized, but there's no way you actually considered it." So much for my being a rebel today.

Every time our vet castrates something at the house, he feeds the er.... testes to my red healer. Maybe I don't want my dog eating balls. I'm just saying.

I was a little disappointed Obama chose Bud Light for his drink of choice at the "Beer Summit" this week. And I think Budweiser should consider some truth in advertising. Perhaps something like:
Bud Light - Because a headache and the shits... Well, that's just how I roll.

I was absolutely shocked that the government suspended the Cash for Clunkers program after a mere 3 days. Our dealership did not manage to put a SINGLE one of these deals together thanks to all of the bureaucracy and paperwork. I guess I should be relieved. I was under the impression our government didn't have any money anyway...How were they going to pay us for these deals?

My plans for the weekend include a trip to Barnes and Noble and a trail ride that I may remember to take pictures of (fingers crossed).

AND last, but certainly not least: I wish you all a wonderful weekend full of whatever it is you are wishing for.

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  1. you should soooo link this with mrs 4444's friday fragments-

  2. Love the greaser's,I think I met them once.Lol,you just won't do girl,I see there is never a dull moment with you around. About the Cash for Clunkers........and to thing I was considering buying new. You have a great weekend too sweetie.

  3. Georgie - done!

    Tians.sis - don't give up on cash for Clunkers. The government is trying to pass 2 billion (BILLION) more for the program... Stay tuned!

  4. That balls comment? Hilarious. And gross.

    I would love to come and help you collect eggs. I tried once at my cousin's farm, but the chickens scared the crap out of me.

  5. That pic of the chicks is hysterical. Balls, it's what's for dinner????? Ewwwwww.

  6. Cash for Clunkers has new life! Friday morning it was announced the program was out of money, Friday noonish it was announced Congress was putting "something" together, and Friday afternoon Congress voted to allocate another 2 billion for Cash for Clunkers. Yay! Maybe my husband can still get a car now...

    Oh, and dang girl! You should be freezing those mountain oysters so we can have a big cookout this fall! C'mon! Whatsa matta witchoo?!


  7. Uh....if the vet keeps feeding the uh....balls to your red heeler, Ol' Red just might start doing the castrating himself. Just a thought.

  8. Mernie. NO. These are horse balls we're talking about. EW!

    Dana - maybe he can save me some money!

    Mrs. 4444 - I'll let you know the next time the folks are out of town. And I'm bringing a video camera incase anything funny happens... heh heh heh