Thursday, July 30, 2009

Lookie What's Growing in My Garden!

I love my tomatoes. My radishes were delicious. Now we're to the important stuff:

A little vision of my favorite season: FALL
Which has within it my favorite holiday: Halloween
Because it kicks off my favorite time of the year: The Holiday Season.
Which contains all of my favorite things: Food, Family, Friends, Fun, Dinners, Giving, Gifts, SNOW, Warm Fabulous Clothes!!

Can you believe the sight of one little pumkin brought all of this to mind!?


  1. I can believe it...cuz that is EXACTLY what I think/feel when i see a pumpkin...I am ready for fall

  2. I have been running around crazy all through July, thus been blog neglectful. I'm glad to be back online and visiting you, but PUMPKINS! IN JULY???? I am so not there yet as we have barely hit summer weather in Chicago. I am not ready for fall.

  3. I'm with you girl! I also love all those things and start counting the days until fall the day it hits spring. I love going to all the harvest festivals too. I was born and raised in snow country but been in the south 90% of my life so I get cheated out of the snow. You got me reved up now........let's go christmas shopping!lol

  4. Georgie and Tians.sis: Yay FALL! YAY harvest festivals (I FORGOT to put those in my list!).

    WeaselMomma: It has been an unusually cool and strange summer here as well, but I'm all for it! Hoping the rain keeps up and the trees get to be seen in all their Autumn color glory this year!

  5. The bugs ate my pumpkins... :*(

    But I have tomatoes, and I'm thankful for this.

    The only way we're gonna have a gloriously colored fall, is if it stops raining immediately before the first frost. We want cold, clear, sunny days for the brightest colors! Yay Fall! This is also my most favoritest time of year. And you forgot to mention our birthday as a favorite holiday; I'm sure it was a mere oversight in your excitement... ahem...