Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Word Verification

I've noticed on some of your blogs that I have to type in a word to verify I'm a human leaving a comment and not some robot spammer.
I totally get that. Take Twitter for example - I'm not sure anyone on Twitter has more robot sex addicts following them than I do, so I do totally get it.
I just find some of the actual words for word verification funny. I know they are supposed to be randomly created, but I can't help picture some nerdy little guy with horn-rimmed glasses behind a massive computer somewhere typing in words like:


and then giggling while we type it in for verification.

I have been very tempted to make THAT the actual subject of the comments I leave.
Like hey, Georgie, I had to type in farkler to leave this comment, lol.

Or hiya WeaselMomma, I had to type in flarfitude to leave this comment, ha ha ha.

So far, I've been able to refrain, but you just never know...


  1. Hey Eebs, I don't know what I'm going to have to type to verify my humanity for this comment (because it doesn't ask me for it until the comment has already been made), but the last comment on up a ways was unnilisms. What the hell is an nilism? And how do you "un" it? O.o

  2. A nilism is a story about nothing. Nil. ism. As far as unning one, I really don't think that's possible. Putting un in front of nilism...Well, that's just bad grammar.