Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Crazy and Dink

Okay, on with the last weekends happenings:

Friday my son called to inform me that his crazy-assed step mother (we'll just call her Crazy) had topped herself. She put on Facebook that she was getting divorced, thinking my ex (we'll call him Dink)wouldn't see it (rolling eyes), her own daughter (the oldest and only normal one) called Dink and told him...
Well that went over like the proverbial turd in the punchbowl. Dink is all for the idea of divorcing Crazy, but didn't appreciate being blindsided on a public forum. He printed out the page proving she had typed it and then confronted her with it. Crazy then began banging her own head into things and saying she was calling the cops to turn him in for beating her about the head and shoulders. (Dink is many things, but abusive is not one of them). Dink took Crazy's phone from the dresser. Crazy took Dink's phone and broke it in half then ran it under water. Much yelling ensued. Crazy's middle daughter jumped on Dink and began punching him. And that's when Pea-Pie decided he'd had enough and yanked Girl Crazy off of his dad.
Mind you, this happened Thursday night. The following conversation took place between my son and I Friday morning:

Pea-Pie: Explains whole sordid story.
Pea-Pie: Crazy hid my phone so I couldn't call last night. I finally found it.
Me: (much stuttering, spluttering)PACK YOUR STUFF, I'M COMING TO GET YOU NOW!

Then I had to explain to my boss why I had to leave for an hour in the middle of the day while watching him picture some Jerry Springer lifestyle which I (capital I) do NOT live except by association with this bunch of turds.
The next call was to Dink to explain to him that I was PISSED that he had not called me (I don't care Crazy broke your phone in half and ran it under water, GO TO THE NEIGHBORS!). And that from this point forward and forever more Crazy had better never get within 500 feet of my son or I'M going to go Jerry Springer and see how SHE likes it!
He is moving out this Saturday while Crazy is at some kind of reunion.
I hate for him that he now has a 3rd failed marriage under his belt, but to hell with that mess, I've got a son to try and raise like a normal human being.
Pea-Pie is probably about to go crazy from all the "That is NOT normal behavior" talks I've given him. He SWEARS he understands that and that we've taught him how to deal with conflict and have normal discussions, etc. etc. etc. (until he's blue in the face)

Isn't it funny that Crazy and Dink live in a nice big house, while I live in a trailer and yet I'm not the Trailer Trash? Go figure.


  1. That IS ironic. Poor kid. Glad he can come home to sanity. (Well, mostly sanity, right?! heehee)

  2. So sorry you have to deal with mental cases,hopefully she will soon be out of all of your lives,hang in there!

  3. Who said you're not trailor trash?! Want for me to put the hurt on someone?