Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Now I've Gone and Done It!

I did what I swore I wouldn't do: I didn't post for days and days and days.
I've been battling with the choice between posting even though I don't feel like I have anything interesting to say that particular day or just putting it off. Mix that with being so busy it's ridiculous and there you have it. I'm sure I'll sort it all out.

4th of July is on it's way. We had decided to go floating on Saturday and then trail riding on Sunday. Then we called our friend who is "keeper of the boats" and found out they had been stolen out of his yard. Mind you, they're HIS boats, but it was still a let down. They were flatbottom boats and I REFUSE to ride with my husband in a canoe ever again. Any man who doesn't know that he is responsible for keeping the boat upright while his wife screams and leans to one side to avoid giant spider webs is not a man who should be in a canoe. I don't CARE that it was actually fishing line caught in a tree, it LOOKED like giant spider webs.
Anyway, I think the float trip is off. The trail ride will be on unless it storms.
"Where do you want to go riding Sunday," I asked my friend.
"Piney," he answered.
"Oh, you mean the same place we went last weekend when MY HORSE GOT HURT!?"
"Fine, I'll ride one of my husband's horses."

Talky Pete has finally driven me over the edge. Last Friday my son was here at work with me and Talky somehow lured him into his office (no doubt thinking they'd be about the same maturity level - thank goodness my son is more grown up). He started talking to my 14-year-old about chewing tobacco. CHEW! WTF'nF??? You don't talk to my son about chew unless you're telling him it's a horrible habit! That's when I snapped. He has hovered around my office a few times since but hasn't dared to enter or talk to me. I did catch him giving me horrible dirty looks yesterday, though. At least he's still good for a laugh occasionally.

There's a lot more to get caught up on, but I'll continue tomorrow with the saga of the ex's psycho wife and the kid who stalked my son through the candle shop this weekend. Good times!


  1. OMG! Can't wait to hear those stories! Have a safe ride and a happy 4th.

  2. I need to know about this stalking thing... O.o