Monday, June 8, 2009

Definitely Monday

It's 8:09am on Monday morning. So, really Monday isn't even in full swing and yet I have learned these things from Talky Pete:

1. They had a giant watergun fight at his house over the weekend with a boy down the road who has no father, but his grandfather fought in WW2 on D-Day in Normandy. He was shot but lived through it and died in 1999, a year before the little boy was born.
2. The little boy's water gun is a lever action rifle. When you fill it up, you can get 10 good shots out of it with a stream about a half inch in diameter, but you have to pull the lever ALL THE WAY BACK (insert awesome descriptive hand action here).
3. Talky stayed up all night Saturday night with a baseball bat because his dog wouldn't stop barking. I wondered aloud whether he meant to beat the dog into silence (in hopes that he would be so appalled at my question that he would stop talking). He said no, it was meant for the 6 foot 4 inch crack head who had been living next door as a guest but who couldn't seem to clean up so he was kicked out. The neighbor who the crackhead had been living with told Talky Pete not to mess with the crackhead because he is six foot four. Talky told him (insert loud voice, balled up fists and mean looking face here)"I SPECIALIZE IN SIX FOOT FOUR!!"
4. Conversation then turned to paint ball. (don't ask me how the subject of conversation made this turn. I've never met another soul who could hold this long of a conversation with no interaction from another human before in my life). Talky was on 2 (count them - 2) paintball tournament teams. An A team called Red Dawn and a C team called something I can't remember as my brain had taken over at that point and all I could hear was the screaming inside my head. I did manage to gather that he was a total badass and everyone else sucked blah blah blah, blah blah blah blah...

It's not just morning - it's Monday morning. I do have some good news to take the edge off, though:

Johnny Depp AND Christian Bale are starring TOGETHER in a new movie about John Dillinger. (Go ahead and take a minute to wrap your mind around that). It's called Public Enemies, I think. I definitely feel a date night movie coming on! Action for the boys and boys for the ladies - that's a good movie!


  1. Wow, I'm tired and I wasn't even THERE. :)

  2. I actually wrote this post with a small feeling of guilt. I mean, wasn't it bad enough that I had to endure it without sharing? In the end I just felt it was probably best to spread the trauma around in order to reduce its effect on me... ;)

  3. LOL@wendys comment-I agree
    awwwww Johnny AND Christian together...all is right with the world!

  4. I have a few of my own "Talky Pete's", I'm surprised you could remember all that. I normally just tune them out. Love,love,love Johnny Depp,so glad to hear we get to see him again soon,without makeup.He is too good looking to cover up.