Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Just Like Karaoke....Sorta.

I never, in my wildest blogging dreams, thought I would be posting about this, but here we are:

Definition taken from the web:
In the past, anyone who didnt have musical talent could release their creative juices by playing Air Guitar. Well why cant the same be true for people who have never had sex? Thats why Air Sex is sweeping Japan as the latest craze.

It's on a 16 stop tour of the USA, you know, kinda like how Karaoke got it's start.
Imagine going into a bar and watching a line of people take their 2 minute turn at "air-sex." They are allowed to talk and (gulp) use props, but must remain fully clothed. In the 2 minutes, they must act out meeting, seducing having foreplay and then doing the deed.

I can see that there would be people who would do this. After all, there are people who do a lot of things I'll never have a good reason for. But a 16 city tour!? In the USA? Who does this attract!? (please don't let it be the Dungeons and Dragons crowd - my son still plays every Wednesday and no gramma, they're not worshiping the devil in his friend's basement).

You can youtube for videos. I swear they are on there. I got embarrassed for the people in the videos and couldn't bring myself to post one on here. Wonder what you get if you win one of these competitions?

Well, Happy Blogging!
I have to go take a shower now...


  1. Hm. Think I'll pass, thanks.

  2. I don't even want to do the real thing anymore, why would I want to pretend? LOL!! This is effin hilarious!