Friday, June 5, 2009

What us UP with the animals?

Not long ago I helped a kitty who had been chased up a fence post by two dogs. I think I blogged about it.
This morning, on our way to work, with my son and husband both in the car, I drove past 3 dogs attacking another. You can't make antilock brakes squeal to a stop, but I think I came close - all the while screaming heaven only knows what. Mostly noises I think. That didn't help, so I got out of the car and ran over flailing my arms until the 3 attackers ran far away. I followed the attackee home and rang his doorbell. Now don't think for one second I expected so much as a thank you because I really didn't care, HOWEVER, I DID expect the owner of this lovely dog to at least be concerned about him. Especially considering it was a woman and we tend to do a bit more coddling than men do. Her obvious lack of concern caused me to detail out the attack for her. Her still obvious lack of concern found me staring at her, mouth moving in silence until I finally said (rather loudly) HE'S BLEEDING, YOU KNOW!? I'm convinced more out of concern for my behavior than her dogs, she finally checked him over. pfft. If not for the 4 we already have, I think I would lure this one into my car tonight on the way home.

You might be thinking, "What a way to start your day." I WISH! No, my day started at 6 when my husband sat straight up in bed and yelled, "SON OF A BITCH! I LEFT THE GATE OPEN LAST NIGHT!" Then be bolted for his pants and ran outside. I quickly realized that 10, That's TEN, That's two less than a DOZEN horses were out! Thank goodness we live half a mile off the road and they were not out on the pavement. I couldn't even look at my husband, let alone talk to him for fear that I would channel satan. By the grace of Bob, everyone was fine.

It's only 8:48 right now, but I've never been so happy to be safely behind my desk at work!

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