Thursday, June 18, 2009

Drive-Thru Bumper Cars, Teenage Boys and Boobs

Last night, when I got home from work, hubby already had my horse caught and him and I and the two girls (hubbies beautiful daughters - 16 and 19 years old) headed up to the rodeo arena for some riding/training. We rode until it was dark, hauled the horses home and after all the 4-leggers were fed and put away, we realized it was 9:30 and we were STARVING. The girls left and hubby and I went inside to see if Pea-Pie and his little friend wanted to go to town with us and get a milk shake or something. (I only neglect the adults in the household - the boys had already eaten supper). They agreed and off we went.
We decided on Braums (best french fries AND milkshakes ever) and wheeled through the drive through. While sitting in line waiting, (who would have thought Braums would be so busy in a small town at 10pm!?), my SUV suddenly lurched forward and made a horrible noise. Several things happened at that point that still have me laughing. This is how the scene played out:

Pea Pie (14 years old) used my signature phrase in times of distress, yelling: "YOU GOTTA BE SHITTIN' ME!?
He was the first to realize we had been rear ended and we had a talk about his potty mouth when the incident was all over (!!!).
Hubby got out of the car to check the damage while I watched in my side mirror as the girl driving the car behind me opened her door and stepped out amidst a mushroom cloud of weed smoke. She had on a bikini top and a strapless halter top which got snagged on her door and almost came off. She made some lame-o excuse for hitting us, hubby pointed out that what she had hit was my trailer hitch and her car was the only one damaged, she apologized and thanked us 47 times for not being angry.
Hubby got back in with us and shut the door. 5 full seconds of complete silence were then followed with:

Pea-Pie: Dude, I thought her shirt was coming off.
Pea-Pie's Friend: I KNOW!!! I did too!
Pea-Pie: I was like, YEAHHHHHH!!!!!
Both boys: Hysterical laughter...

Men are at least consistent about one thing - from birth to death they sure do like boobs, don't they?


  1. Got to love them boy's,I raised two sons and they never ceased to amaze me. They are grown now and more than ever they make me say"you gotta be shittin me".

  2. That was funny. Glad no one was hurt and that you could all find the lighter side of the moment :)

  3. How do you know it was weed smoke?