Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Bits and Bobs

Lordy we've been busy at the farm! Bottle calves are growing like weeds in their pens. Weeds growing like bottle calves in the garden. Everyone sweating while standing still - the humidity is so high it feels like breathing under water. Ah, summer - you silly bastard. I wish the 3 months kids got out of school were Autumn months instead of Summer - we'd have a lot more fun at my house.

I skipped a few days blogging for several reasons:
Figured out that many bloggers put a lot of effort into these posts, writing them ahead of time, taking time to edit them, having other people proof read them. It kind of intimidated me or at least made me feel bad for not putting all of that effort in... I think I'm over it now.

Learned some VERY important things on Father's Day - this according to my own father:
This country is broke. I wouldn't have known that because young people do not want to watch the news, they just want to vote for Obama.
I have no retirement plan whatsoever (I didn't know this until dad told me - I thought my husband and I had it all figured out, but according to dad, we've never discussed it).
We have too many horses.
My "habit" of changing jobs all the time is going to cause us to go broke. (Next time I'm working for a company that is going out of business, I will make sure and let them know dad says I can't change jobs. That should make all the difference in the world. I worked for THREE such companies last year - sure wish dad had this talk with me before now...)
Dad, he's a real knee-slapper.

The highlight of Father's Day really was funny, though. My husband and I went horseback riding on conservation land with a few of our friends. One of them always thinks he's got to play practical jokes on others. Sunday, he thought that his joke was going to be to take us through deep water on our horses so that I would get wet and complain the rest of the day. He missed the fact that his horse was a good six inches shorter than mine. Guess who ended up with the itchy butt for the rest of the day. It wasn't me...

Now we're in a heat advisory. ick ick and more ick!
Stay cool wherever you are!


  1. LOL...I so do not do posts days ahead of time and then schedule them-I would have to be'organized' to acomplish this task

    so glad you didnt have the itchy butt!!!!

    I am already missing the dry heat of Az,Co and NM

  2. I don't write post ahead of time either,I just go where my thoughts take me. I'm glad you got the last laugh on your ride lol. About the heat? I'm counting the days until fall. Got to go...have a good one.

  3. Please tell me this was Squesk with the itchy butt... please!

  4. er... I meant Squeak... you probably knew that though.

  5. You got it Marinel. It was indeed Squeek!