Friday, July 24, 2009

So Last Weekend....

I went to Eureka Springs to run my friend's store. They were off to Dallas for a fun family birthday adventure. I was stoked! Man-Oh-Man!
First of all, I got to stay here:

With a balcony overlooking the main historical street in town:

That's my friend's place. He and his partner are lucky enough to live upstairs from their beautiful store, Spring Street Candle (keep an eye out for a fabulous upcoming giveaway on this blog!!).

So, anyway, I went down Friday night, stopped at the grocery store on the way for a frozen pizza and a bottle of pinot grigio (I know, I know) and then headed upstairs to begin enjoying my mini-vacation.
This would probably be a great time to tell you that I am a scardey-cat the likes of which you have never encountered. I am afraid of my own shadow, ghosts, monsters, spiders, that thing from Jeepers Creepers, goblins, gremlins and a number of other things that do and/or do not exist.
As I was walking up the stairwell to the apartment, I thought to myself "Holy shit! I'm here by myself. This building is OLD. I'll be okay. I'll be okay."

I put all of my stuff down and started preheating the oven so I could warm up my gourmet frozen pizza and decided to check the rest of the place out. My friend had been all excited about me seeing how he had decorated the place and for some reason, he was particularly excited about the master bath. I approached the master bath and noticed that the door was closed. I automatically assumed that, before leaving, he had put something in the bathroom that would scare the ever living crap out of me. (I don't know... maybe Jeepers Creepers is his roommate when I'm not there). Needless to say, he got an enourmous kick out of hearing how I had inched the bathroom door open, little by little, muscles tense and ready to leap into action, only to find that there was nothing in there except a really cute bathroom.
Five minutes later, I carried my grocery bag into the kitchen so I could get my pizza out and oven-ready. As I walked into the kitchen, I saw my reflection in the wood and glass door that leads onto the back porch and noticed THERE WAS SOMETHING WHITE FLOATING BY MY LEG! I went into pure panic mode before realizing it was THE GROCERY BAG I was carrying (I know, scary stuff, huh?)!
Later that night, when I heard the downstairs doorhandle being jiggled, I literally ran around in circles trying to decide what to do. A very scary peek out the door revealed the city police doing their nightly door check of all the downtown businesses.
I don't know what's wrong with me, but I'll tell you this: Next time I have to stay by myself, I'm getting two bottles of pinot and I'm going to apply them liberally!


  1. It is funny how the smallest noises and fleeting glimpses of mundane things can seem so scary when you're all alone!

    I get this way a little bit when my husband is out of town. I know it's irrational to think that the psycho killer will come in and kill me and my kids if my husband is not here, but will magically be deterred if he is here (rather than simply killing him, too), but that is how my freakish mind works!

    Beautiful place, by the way! I bet you had a great time when you weren't busy being scared. :)

  2. Gorgeous,Wish I had been there to scream with you!Lol

  3. just invite me to come with you next time and we can have 4 bottles of wine...and be scared

    I am so super jealous-I have a free night stay at the treehouse cottages and I am tryin to plan when to use it...

    your friends place is awesome-and what a GREAT I know your friend? LOL i know I am nosey...sorry it comes with the ES addiction

  4. Georgie, I doubt you know my friend yet, but I know the next time you're in ES you are going to stop by 28 Spring Street and buy some of the best candles you've ever had in your life. Then you'll meet Mike and Sonny.
    4 bottles of wine and someone to be scared with = Priceless!

  5. You won't have to worry about it next time, cuz I'm coming with you! Oh, but we'll probably need the wine anyway, cuz I'm a lush. :-)

    the captcha for this was Thodi. I think you should write a song about it. "The Thodi in the Attic". There's your title, now get to work.