Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Bits and Bobs

I have had the song Trudy by Charlie Daniels stuck in my head and playing on a loop since Saturday. I am not joking. The major problem with it is that Saturday was the first time I ever heard the song so I only know about 20 words and those are the ones that keep playing... sigh.

With my courage bolstered by Julie at 47 and starting over (sorry Julie, couldn't get the link thing to work), I am off this evening to have about 12 inches cut off my hair. I don't believe I will miss it. I found a great picture of a Meg Ryan haircut that I will be giving to my stylist as an example. I wonder if merely by cutting my hair I can make the rest of me look like she does in that picture. Hey, I'll live in my little fantasy world and you live in yours.

Please take good care of yourselves (I should take my own advice here). My 44 year old uncle had his THIRD and FOURTH heart attacks this past week. The third put him in the hospital, the fourth happened while he was still in there. GEEZ!! He is home now and feeling okay, but he is young and not a horribly out of shape person.

We are looking at about 9 more days of forecasted rain in my area.

I am wondering (not worried yet) about this swine flu. I've decided not to get all concerned like I did with the bird flu, but it tends to stay on your mind whenever they constantly talk about it on the news. It's good to stay informed of course, but I don't want to run out and stock up on water and canned goods yet or anything.

Here's to today being far better than yesterday even if yesterday was the best day you've ever had!!

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  1. This would be a perfect "Friday Fragments" post, you know... Don't be afraid to link up on Friday (I post at midnight.) Let me know if you'd like to play but need help figuring out the link thing.

    Praying for your uncle....