Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Royal Decrees and Mid-Life Crisis.

In my previous post about co-workers I did not mention the codgy old coot who is our mechanic. There wasn't a whole lot to say until yesterday. Yesterday I got to work before him and, APPARENTLY, I parked in HIS spot. Mind you, I had no idea that he had a spot. It's not even a good spot. It's behind the building. He didn't say anything to me, but apparently the entire rest of the building knew about it. This morning someone told my husband about it and he relayed the information to me (while smiling like the cat that ate the canary). Henceforth, let it be Royally (roll the r on that - RRRRoyally) Decreed that I shall park in the Coot's spot every single chance I get.

On to bigger matters: I was watching Desperate Housewives Sunday. It was a rerun but I had missed it the first time around. There was a scene where Edy's husband was explaining to Lynette (don't worry if you're unfamiliar with the characters, this will probably make sense in a minute) why men have midlife crisis (I don't know how to make crisis plural. It'll be fine). He said that the junk Lynette's husband had in the garage wasn't just junk to him. It was stuff he was "getting around to." And that one day, men wake up and realize they are never going to actually get around to those things and the life they have is IT. That's all. All they're ever going to be or do. I thought well, that's not just men is it? In fact what I thought was, "EEEEEEK!! Is this anything like the tower of craft supplies I have never touched, the sewing machine I don't know how to use, the shelf full of books on writing a novel I've never started?" It's NOT the Cricut Expression thingy I'm begging my husband to buy for me. THAT thing I will use. I've assured him of it and promised him that it is NOT like the ab lounge sport or the exercise bike.
Here's my point. (I do have one). I think it's time to be very aware that life IS passing us by. We cannot get these days back and we shouldn't be squandering them all on the mundane. So, I am going to give this some thought and start doing a blog weekly on ideas to stave off hundrum life. I first have to figure out how we will fit this into our busy schedules. I'll probably start tackling it this Friday. Let me know what you think! (all one of you).

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