Friday, April 10, 2009

Mundane Schmundane!

Friday again - time to focus on life and living it to the fullest (avoiding your mid-life crisis, not being so mundane, getting out of that get the picture).

Last Friday, I was a bit of a downer (even though I believe wholeheartedly in what I said), so today I will focus on something fun. This is geared toward women since our idea of fun is generally not a weekly field trip to the local strip club, however intellectually stimulating that might be.
What I am going to do is give you two suggestions - one for those who aren't being effected by this piss-poor economy and one for...the rest of us:

#1 - Sex in the City Girl's Night Out!
You might schedule a group mani-pedi session, see a fabulous chic flick, go to a fancy restaurant. Treat yourself. Do something you wouldn't normally do. Obviously, this is the expensive version.

#2 - Sex in the City Girl's Night In!!
Invite a few friends over - everyone bring a dish and it can be whatever they want. Don't do that mundane planning thing where you make sure there's a salad and a dessert and blah blah blah. Normal! Boring! Without planning, you might end up with 5 different desserts. Is there anything wrong with that? HELL NO! It's Girls Night!!
Have you noticed there is a lot of bartering going on in this economy? Have you noticed you can't do as much shopping as you might like? Well, here's a fun way to get new stuff FOR FREE!
Have each of your friends bring something from their house that they no longer want - something nice but not too expensive. Who doesn't have a great hardback book they could part with or a really nice bottle of lotion you haven't opened yet? Maybe a pair of earrings (okay, not 14k gold and diamonds, but you know something from a little boutique somewhere you spent mayble $20 on). I have a brand new watch still in the box that I got for Christmas and it's just not my style - something along those lines. When everyone gets there, try drawing numbers or playing a game to determine who gets what. No cat fights!
And hey, spend a buck at the Red Box renting a movie instead of $10 apiece going to the theater.

I like this Friday thing. I'm no genius about this kind of stuff (very mundane myself), but having to come up with these ideas makes me think there might be hope for me yet!
If you have ideas to add, please do!


  1. I'm not sure why, but I've never needed "Girls Nights." Maybe it's because I don't drink? I do love to see a movie now and then but will go with whoever will join me. I do love the chamraderie that I find in blogging; I've made some terrific friends I look forward to meeting at BlogHer this summer :)

  2. I don't drink either - hope I didn't give that impression, but I do love a night out with my girls!