Friday, April 3, 2009

It's Friday and I'm Plum Giddy!

HAPPY FRIDAY!!! Just a couple odds and ends today. I'm far too excited about the weekend to focus!

I mentioned earlier in the week "Talky Pete" who comes into my office and talks my leg off about nothing in particular, sometimes for HOURS per day. He does this no matter how busy I am. Have you ever had a moment where something so bizaar happened that you literally feared your brain would just short out or overload? That's precisely how I felt this morning when Talky came into my office and told me a five minute long story about how the detail guy here (T Dub) comes into Talky's office and... Talks too much about stuff that Talky just doesn't care about. And he does this when Talky is busy and no matter (this is where my brain started to sizzle) what kind of body language Talky uses to try and make it stop. OMG!!! I kept staring at him. Willing him to catch on to what he was saying. He even used the exact phrase I have used about him: "One story just turns into another story and then another." It was mind boggling and probably somehow karma repaying me for blogging about him in the first place. He did NOT catch on though and I know this because he is in here right now, as I blog and try to look busy.
Sidenote: T-Dub is a reference to the fact that the detail guy also helps with any plumbing issues we may have here at work. T-Dub is short for Turd Wrangler. He made himself a sign stating this and hung it at his work station in the shop. Gotta give him points for a good sense of humor!

On to the weekend: I'm off to Eureka Springs Arkansas tomorrow, my favorite little place on the planet! A place full of diverse and wonderful people who believe in Equality for everyone. I cannot wait and shall report back with pictures! I happen to know the one reader I have at this point loves Eureka Springs. The one reader thing is funny....cause it's true... lmao!

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