Monday, April 6, 2009

Hope and Chopstix

It's Monday. EW. Double EW. I was having such a great weekend and then I had to go to bed last night knowing that this morning would be Monday (ew).
I'm hoping today will improve. If not, I'm sure some chinese food for lunch will at least brighten my day a touch.

I do want to let all of you know some really great news. It's just.... Well, there are no words so I'll just come right out with it:
The 80's Phenom band SPANDAU BALLET is rumored to be going back on tour. This alone should bring our economy out of it's current slump what with everyone rushing out to buy tickets and t-shirts and what-not. And now that I've got the sarcasm out of my system, On to the weekend's happenings:

Saturday I was in Eureka Springs Arkansas. I got to meet a ton of new people and visit with some oldie but goodies, too. It was good for my soul. ES is a place where love and peace and good intentions just flow down the streets and you can feel it. I meant to get a bunch of good pics to post, but as is usually the case, I carry around my monster of a camera and get so involved in gawking and tawking that I forget to use it. I took maybe 5 whole pictures after loading TWO cameras! What a goob!

Here's one, though:

It's just such a beautiful place filled with beautiful people and the weather could not have been better for a gathering in the park!

Sunday the hubby and I loaded up and did a little shopping. He's agreed to let me dress him for work this summer which I'm really excited about. The old wardrobe of jean shorts, too-big shirts, knee high socks and high top tennis shoes had to go. He was true to his word and let me pick out some great shoes and clothes for him yesterday, although he declined the plaid shorts. Baby steps...

That's probably enough blabbering miscelany for the moment, here's wishing each of you a wonderful week filled with peace, love and accomplishments!


  1. OMGosh my bestie and i were listening to vh1s one hit wonders last night online and so busted out the song TRUE!!!

    That pic omgosh is a breath of fresh air I cant wait till Friday when we leave for ES!!!
    was it DW? I see all the lovely 'color'

    Hey did you know if you have your comments emailed to you that when one shows up in your inbox you can reply to it? well the person has to have added their email but just thought i would let ya know in case you didnt already know...

  2. I'll just settle for catching up on some missed sleep; I'm beat!! And P.S. That town looks very charming :)