Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Crunchy Bacon Only Please

Well, the world's oldest known person is celebrating her 115th birthday in LA. Her only complaints are that she has arthritis in her knees and the home she lives in doesn't cook her bacon crispy enough. If I can still chew crispy bacon when I'm 115 (yes I do plan to live that long - probably longer), I will call that quite an accomplishment.
Full story here:
I think I want to have a cane too. Whack people with it whenever I disagree with the way they dress and things like that. I am pretty sure you can get away with it when you're that old. I certainly wouldn't pummel an old woman if she whacked me with her walking stick.

Pea Pie reminded me last night that his birthday is one month away. He wants an XBox 360 Elite. Doesn't want much does he? He'll be 14 and has informed me that this is really the gaming system for him because it has so much memory that he's certain it will last him well into manhood. That is actually what he told me. Had the whole speech worked up, further convincing me that he will one day break into politics. I worked up a speech of my own convincing him that it was okay to buy a refurbished one off of ebay. He thought that sounded pretty fair when the alternative was not getting one at all.

Not a whole lot else going on around here. I am meeting my high school art teacher tonight to get a supply list so that I can start taking painting classes. I am always wishing I was more artistic, so why not give it a shot? Maybe I'll be a genius and I can just leave my mundane office job and enter the mysterious world of art! I'll start wearing flowing tie dye dresses and speak only poetic phrases. See what I mean? The world of art is so mysterious I had to make up my own version. For all I know they have strict rules against tie dye. Let's hope not.


  1. Good Lord, I have far more complaints and I'm 48! Geesh, I need to start living better!

  2. Ahhhh yes mom he needs the exbox elite! My middle bean will be 14 in June I didnt realize our beanies were so close in age