Thursday, April 2, 2009


Although he doesn't say so, I'm sure my son is mortified that I still refer to him as Pea-Pie. Or Pwee Pie or My Ickle Bicky Boy. He's 14. And obviously a patient child as he has never said, "MOMMMMMM! STOP CALLING ME THAT!" He also tolerates my being overprotective. Tolerates it like a champ. I guess this is a bit of a confession on my part since it has absolutely nothing to do with the following story.

ANYWAY the boy and I often have conversations that leave me shaking my head and this morning was no exception:

P: Mom, do you know what a mandate is?
Me: Sure. It's like when the King or the President gives an order. It's called a mandate.
P: NO MOM. It's like when two totally straight guys have lunch together and catch up on what they've been doing. A Man Date.
Me: If they were totally straight, wouldn't they just call it lunch?
P: It's, like, the new catchphrase.
Me: Well, okay. I'm just saying.
P: (shakes head in exasperation at my all-encompassing uncoolness)

This cracked me up to no end. I'm off to call my gay friends and fill them in on the new catchphrase!


  1. This is funny :) I can relate to conversations like these (my son is almost 17). BTW, I'm writing a post for some time later this month, linking to new bloggers in the neighborhood. I've added this post to it! :) Welcome.