Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Games Hillbillies Play...

So last night we were out doing chores and then I got my mare out and was generally spoiling her (because she is THE most divine equine). As I was walking by the front of our tack shed, leading her, I heard my husband from behind the shed:

Hubby: Babe, can you help me real quick?
Me: Sure, whatcha need?
Hubby: I am having a little trouble with this electric wire (from the electric fence we keep the calves in-not like an ELECTRIC WIRE). Would you go into the shed, in the back corner where the electric box is, and pull that orange wire back inside a little way?
Me: Sure.

So, I walked into the shed (unsuspecting lamb to the slaughter), and without question, I grabbed the orange wire...yelled (because as if you didn't see it coming from a mile away - I just got the crap shocked out of me), flailed my arm, scared the wad out of my horse and then heard hysterical laughter from the other side of the shed wall.

He lives now only because he can outrun me.


  1. Yes, but at some point he will fall asleep, and then,THEN, he will be punished. Correct?

  2. excellent. I'm liking everything I'm reading.